The first thing people talk about is Facebook and Twitter that but what about Google plus the sleeping giant? Do you know how to navigate through Google plus? I guess thats why you want to learn right? Well there are three components to Google plus and learn these three components can be the difference between being a success in your marketing campaigns or being a failure with marketing with Google plus. You have Google plus profile, Google plus communities and Google plus pages.

Each one has to be treated slightly different. Get Targeted Traffic Your Google + Profile Your Google plus profile can be used for many different reasons. If your a blogger its especially important for you to use this becausee if you link your blog post to your Google plus profile to claim Google Authorship for it. This means that your name and Google plus profile will be shown in results next to your business content.

Look at the picture below this Its the Easiest way to attract direct follower to your Google plus profile for your business. When you produce content thats quality you become and authority in your industry by popping up in Google Searches.

Their are certain things your profile needs

– Your links should be your website or squeeze page
– You have to have a solid introduction including a link to your site – Your employment details are all updated
– Your cover photo should have something to do with you business Google + Communities.

You Must Use them Google Plus communities is a very easy way to get targeted traffic. Especially if your blogging or pormoting and niche specific article or product. Join as many as you can thats targeted to exactly what your promoting. Everytime you write a article for that topic or make a video with that topic promote it in that community. Targeted traffic is better then any other type of traffic out there and Google Plus communities can help you with that significantly Google Plus Pages the Third Element.

This right here is the element that you can use instead of your profile just in case your profile is more personal then business. I personally use both my profile and page but you can make it seperate if you want too. You must use hashtags I know sometimes people over do it with the hashtags but this has become a staple in our lives when it comes to marketing Ever social site uses them and you should too.

All in all Google plus is a great un tapped hub of traffic that needs to be worked just as frequent and hard as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. To be really considered a big boy in marketing you have to learn how to be everywhere on the internet now a days.