Life Tips

How do you stay motivated to get things done? Are you always looking for ways to improve your life? If yes, then you should try these simple tips to stay focused and productive.

There are countless books and articles out there on productivity, but they often focus on the technical side of things. In other words, they teach you how to write down your goals, manage time, or even organize your desk. These are important aspects of being productive, but they don’t address the emotional side of motivation.

Motivation comes from within. It’s something that you create inside yourself. The good news is that you can control it. And once you start working towards your goal, you’ll naturally begin to feel better about yourself. This is because you’re taking action towards something meaningful.

You see, when we set long term goals, we work extra hard in order to achieve them.

If you’re trying to find ways to motivate yourself, perhaps you could use the following 5 methods:

This is one of my personal favorite ways to keep myself driven. Since I started using this method a few years ago, I’ve gone from being completely unmotivated and lazy to becoming an extremely productive person.

Whenever I complete a task, I make sure I write down all the steps required. So if I’m writing an article and need to research for 3 hours, I will write down every single step required so that I know exactly where I was at every second (and also know the exact length).

That way, whenever I want to look back I just need to glance through my notes and I’ll have complete clarity and remember everything in detail. For me, keeping track of daily tasks has been crucial to getting things done; I couldn’t imagine doing anything without it.

I find that listening to motivational podcasts helps me stay positive and energized throughout the day. 

For example, yesterday I listened to “Productivity Power Hour” by Guy Kawasaki. It’s an hour-long podcast with tons of valuable content that covers many different topics related to productivity such as how to get organized, making lists, etc.

Some people may be turned off by the idea of sitting down and reading during their morning commute, but I’ve found that I actually enjoy talking to friends while driving. And since I listen to podcasts all the time anyway, it makes sense to add others into my list as well.

Having a regular exercise routine helps me feel refreshed and alert throughout the entire day. 

One thing which has helped me tremendously is the Pomodoro technique. Basically, you pick a time frame called a Pomodoro (which means tomato) and you work furiously for 25 minutes, taking short break after 4 pomodori. When you take the next break, your timer starts again. As you continue, your brain becomes accustomed to the time pressure and so you become more efficient and productive.