Today you are going to learn how to get targeted targeted traffic to your blog? Do you know, what’s the benefit of getting targeted traffic? Always internet marketers says, traffic equals to money.

That means, If you get targeted traffic, you can make more money. That is also happen in my blog also I started to get “Targeted Traffic” before 4 months and I make more money in my current blog. If you get targeted traffic, you can get easily more money. But the problem is you have to know how to get targeted traffic.

It’s very simple. First you have to decide what is your target? If you want target, based on Geographical location then you have to set your targeted location in Google Webmasters and you have to submit your blog into Google Maps. So that, your blog can easily identify by anyone in Google local search engine. If you want to target your traffic into based on content? For eg: If you write about pets and pets food, then you should target those people in forums. The forums are the best places to target your traffic.

I know, you will think getting traffic from forum is not easy. But they are certain strategies you have to use to get targeted traffic from forum. Many people don’t know about that. That’s why they. Just put their link in forum and don’t get traffic. If you use some certain strategies, then you can easily make more traffic and money.

I can give more details about that. If you want target your traffic, you can give some benefits to your new traffic based upon their traffic sources. For eg: If you want to focus on your forum traffic, when new traffic comes from forum you have to show a message with “welcome from this forum and you can get this guide for free”. By this you can give more informtion based upon your target. This is the best way to get target traffic and I have many ideas to drive traffic based upon target.