A common need arises of having a software which can recover your Windows password. Sometimes it happens when you actually forgot to recall your Windows password that you have setup during Windows installation or you have manually added it to the default user. Moreover you have important data and can’t afford to format your PC or re-install the Windows. Hence there is a need of Windows Recovery Tools. Out of many available tools, I am listing few that I found useful.

Ophcrack is the best Windows Password Recovery tool that is available for free. This program is available in an executable format and in an image format. If you are using executable format of the tool, just install and run. It will recover the password from the windows registry. To use image format and you need to create a bootable disc before using the tool. Then boot from this live disc. It works in all available Windows operating systems including Xp, Vista and 7.

PC Login Now:
PC Login Now is another free software that is used to recover or reset lost windows password. This tool claims to have 100% recovery rate that sounds cool. It also supports all available version of windows and easily reset windows password and windows security settings.

Cain & Abel:
Cain & Abel is also a nice Windows Password cracking tool that was very famous few years back. It allows password recovery from various kind of mechanism. It uses Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks to decode and windows password. It is difficult to use and have complicated user interface. This tool has some limitation but support windows Xp, Vista and 7.