Are you a serious blogger? Then you should refrain from guest blogging. Sometimes guest articles do much
more harm than good for your blog. When it comes to guest blogging, bloggers are simply mad, or crazy you can say. I will tell you some practical
tips – Why you should avoid guest blogging to be a Successful and Reputed Blogger?

Who accept guest posts?

Bloggers who unable to produce quality content regularly due to personal problem or inability or lack of knowledge/information usually accepts guest articles on their biogs. Their main motto is to keep the blog feeding regularly, no matter whether by own content or content borrowed from others. Newbie bloggers, while accepting guest posts don’t even think once that· who is writing for them and what type of backlinks they are giving in return’. Many established bloggers are also not far behind, while accepting guest posting.

Who write guest posts?

1. Bloggers who want to increase their Google PR by acquiring backlinks as a return gift by the guest article publishers. Few think about driving traffic to their biogs, and very few think about building reputation.

2. 3rd-party freelance content writers usually write articles (post.editorial and advertorial) for e-commerce sites for money.

3. 4th-party content provider websites for biogs, offer free articles to publish. Here, many a times, a freelance content writer(3rd party) on behalf of the e-commerce website(2nd party), write the guest post and submit to the firm(4th party) for publication.

Why you should STOP guest blogging?

If you want to make your blog ‘ an article dustbin ‘, so that anybody can guest-post anything on it then Okay, it’s up to you. Nobody will stop you being the biggest enemy of your own beloved blog! Many bloggers in the World has stopped accepting/publishing guest post. Either they have deployed their own
writing team (paid) for this job or they become extremely choosy. And, you should also follow their footstep, if you really wanna be a blogging superstar!

1. More than 97°/o guest articles are recycled version of posts written by other people. Here, the guest blogger shuffle the article by changing the heading and few lines of the body parts.

2. Sometime spammy guest bloggers copy and paste the article exactly, written on other biogs. They don’t even take the pain to change the heading also.

3. Sometimes it’s difficult to find out whether it’s a spammy post or not, before publishing. Services like CopyScape are there, but you have to be premium member if you want to check the article is copied from other site or not before publishing. Most of the 3rd-party freelance writers, e-commerce website owners and bloggers don’t care about the article and the publishing blog at all.

They are interested only for the BACKLINKS, that’s all! At most, they think about driving some traffic to their site via the guest articles. They don’t bother about Google Panda Updates or Penguin Updates which haunts you every moments, day and night. Even, content provider websites (4th-party) do not check the authenticity of the articles while accepting from the article writers. B’cos they don’t want to loose their clients. They want more subscribers, more page views and more revenues.

When you weigh Pros and Cons of guest b/ogging, Cons always over-weighs the Pros. Unless and until you are an extremely choosy blogger.  Who is the Holly ScaP.egoat: You! Google Panda is there to take care of you better, better than your mother and wife. It will simply punch you Left, Right and Center, and after few days/weeks your beloved blog will be flat on the blogosphere ground, with belly-down. That time your guest bloggers will not come to rescue you. Of course they are your friends, but only in good times. They simply abandon you when your bad time arrives. If you are a responsible blogger, then express your thoughts – Whether you still accept guest blogging or not via comments for further discussion. Shy readers are excused as usual.