Talking about things that people think are very super critical deal breakers, mission important stuff when it comes to getting back together with your ex, that actually don’t matter at all. And we’ve talked about several of these things such as if your ex’s initiating contact with you, if your ex is moving on and all that, but today we’re gonna be talking about one of the biggest things that people seem to worry about, and that is if your ex is dating someone new, if your ex is in a rebound relationship, now you might be thinking, how could this not matter? I mean if my is dating somebody new, what if? What if it’s true of what if they fall in love with each other and run off into the sunset and get married and have 10 billion kids or something like that. And the truth is, is that it doesn’t matter if your ex is dating someone new because we have something that we teach our students called the decoy strategy that allows you to actually leverage the sharp break between the version of you that your ex broke up with and the version of you that has acquired what we teach in our course called Advanced Relational skills that allow you to have deep, meaningful, strong, intense emotional connections with your ex. So if you can do this, what actually happens is you leverage a certain psychological effect called the decoy effect, and it causes your ex to laser focus on you and to really kind of become a little bit obsessed with you. And so I set it all right.

But what’s going to happen is you’re going to really outshine anyone else that your ex might be dating because of the quality of the connection. And this whole decoy strategy is going to really be working in your favor to cause your ex to have such a strong emotional connection with you that honestly they won’t care about someone else that they’re dating or anything like that. And besides, you know, after you go ahead and we’re in these advanced relational skills, after you go through everything that we teach and start to learn these advanced relational skills to help you connect better with your ex, what’s going to happen is you’re just in general going to smoke the competition anyway. Most people out there don’t really put much of a concerted effort into learning how to connect better with somebody else into learning how to have a deep, meaningful, emotional connection with someone else.

If you just go out there into the dating world and you, and you ask people like, what’s important in a relationship, they’ll often say, oh, it’s chemistry It’s connection or something like that. And people treat it as if it’s just some sort of magical random thing that happens It’s just the roll of the dice It’s like you know, one in a billion people you actually can have an emotional connection with, but that’s not true in my experience.

I’ve found that it’s actually possible to teach people how to have chemistry with other people It’s possible to teach people how to have an intense emotional connection with other people and if you can do this, you can instantaneously have rapport or chemistry or connection or whatever you want to call it, compatibility with someone else, and when that happens, the two of you will come together naturally. It doesn’t matter if someone’s in a relationship with some lukewarm person over there or whatever because you will be able to leverage this psychological phenomenon of the decoy strategy, the decoy effect, and you’ll also be able to have an intense emotional connection, which of course is what is very important – that intense emotional connection. So here’s what I’d like you to do.

Learn more about how you can create a deep, substantial emotional connection and leverage this decoys effect to your advantage even if your ex is in a rebound relationship, even if your ex is dating someone else.