Show you three ways to bring laser targeted traffic to your website, crowdfunding campaign, or business. This is a Kickstarter campaigne.

The first tool in our arsenal is Facebook. Here is a Facebook group with 40,000 likes, it couldn’t be targeted better “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse”. Let’s go ahead and let the group know about this amazing survival gear. Paste the link to your page, once you see the thumbnail populate, erase your link.

Remember to erase your link because most group members don’t visit the page that often, in fact most users are going to hear about your post through Facebook notification, that’s the little globe in your dashboard right next to your message inbox. Also remember, notifications only really allow for 8 words, so your 8 words need to be as compelling as possible”How the 7 deadly sins will lead to the zombie apocalypse”. I think that looks good, let’s go ahead and post.

We’re now posted, so whose going to see it

1) passionate members who visit and participate in the group often. These are the hardcore members who pro-actively visit the site daily – about 10% statistically
2) Group members who have notifications enabled, again another 10% of people are likely to have notifications enabled in this group.
3) The sad truth however, is that these are often the same people, and that’s ok reaching 4000 people with a single post is pretty good, but let’s go look for some bigger fish to fry! Now this group looks a little better, over one million members and totally laser targeted.

Let’s post one more time. Now we’re moving on to linkedin for traffic, we’ve found a group of 27,000 people

– they are basically other fashion entrepenuers, and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you look at the profile of your backers you’l find that about 30% of them have started their own crowdfunding campaigne, so these are people who are familiar with the crowndfunding phenomena. You’ll often notice two tabs at the top, discussions and promotions.

I just joined this group a few moments ago, so I can’t really post in the discussions without it being marked as spam, but I can post to promotions freely. If you use this method you’re going to want to do some posting to discussions first. You post the same as you did with Facebook, the URL, wait for the thumbnail and then post your sales copy or website. Whose going to see our post. Once again, 10% of passionate members who visit the group regardless of your post.

More importantly, you can think of linkedin as a free mailing list, everyone in the group is going to receive a group e-mail that will contain your post. Because of that, you can expect about a 20% audience retention, not too bad,the quality of lead is generally expected to be higher as well. Finally and most importantly, we have conversations with an 80% active audience and people already engaged in conversations about products, solutions and services that you provide. Facebook posts don’t apply to any single group, they are people who are actively interested in the content of the post, finding a post that has gone viral can be a bit difficult, but the retention is triple what you would get from a standard Facebook group post. Here I’ve found a post about The Walking Dead, it has 35,000 likes, 13,000 shares and we don’t know how many comments.

Let’s post and take a look at what happens. In this type of post the thumbnail will populate after the post has been published – looks good And here’s what’s amazing. Virtually everyone who participated in that post in any way will receive a Facebook notification. Not only that, these people aren’t limited to a particular group, yet you know they are interested in your niche.

Finally, depending on your niche, finding posts that have over 100k shares is pretty common.