Every YouTuber and vlogger would be happy to get more views and subscribers! In order to promote your YouTube channel, you need to follow strategies that give you the best results. You do not want to spend your time doing tasks that are ineffective. Test out the different marketing tips and strategies mentioned below to see what works well for you and your YouTube channel.

In this guide we have included our best articles on growing your channel and promoting your YouTube videos. Use these great articles to help you get more views, subscribers, and fans!

Maximize Your Tags

Tags are the equivalent of keywords. In other words, what keywords are to articles, tags are to videos. It is important that people find them. Include tags that are relevant. Then, check back in a period of one or two months as to whether the video has been found by the others. Be sure to include your long tailed keywords within quotes. With so many videos being uploaded to YouTube, it is important to promote your video effectively. Create a compelling title for your video to begin with. Use your keywords in order to make a strong emphasis on the benefits of the video. YouTube video promotion can be done by maximizing your tags.

Make it Short

Do not post long videos to any website. Preferably keep them short. Short is the key to getting the attention of your viewers. If you have a longer video, then consider segmenting it into smaller ones. Educational videos can sometimes be longer even though shorter videos are generally the way to get the attention of the viewers. Also, make sure the page layout of the page on which the video was uploaded is appealing to your viewers. Do not preferably use the grid view layout. When you have done that, create playlists of the most popular videos that you have uploaded.

YouTube Fan Finder

It is a program that allows the promotion of your YouTube channel by submitting at least five channel ads to the company. When you use a YouTube fan finder, you can never lose a single fan. You will be in touch with all your viewers as a channel provider. Do not submit educational videos to the fan finder. It will not help you get enough fans then. Make sure you give them what they are looking for such as something creative.

Promote Your Channel

Make sure you promote your channel via Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media sites including Google Plus. Every once in a while, push a random video from your list in order to show them how good your channel is. Why not invite your viewers to view your Google Plus page too? In fact, that would help you promote your channel even better. Annotate your channel with a call to action pop up in your video. They are a fantastic way to promote your videos. You could use annotations to draw your viewers to a sale of some sort or take them to another video on the site. The importance of YouTube cannot be overstated. If used properly, this is a fantastic platform and it can ignite people’s interest in your products or services.Video promotion on YouTube is quite simple and can be done in many different ways.

Social Media Profiles

Social media is one of the best ways to grow your channel. Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus should always be fully utilized for marketing. Instagram is another social media platform that is widely used by YouTubers and vloggers. Building a presence on social media allows you to gain exposure immediately for your videos. Each tweet, status update, and post can lead to more views.
It’s important to create a separate account for your YouTube channel instead of always using your personal profile. This allows you to post updates that are always relevant to your audience. You can even link back to your personal profile if you prefer to do so.

Email Marketing

Collecting email addresses can do wonders for your channel and video brand. It allows you to notify your fans and viewers directly in their email inbox. If interested, you can use a program like Aweber. Email marketing gives you the ability to notify your followers of any new updates and videos whenever you like. You can use this form of marketing to create a newsletter that includes updates and your videos from the past week or month. By sending one email to your subscribers, you could end up receiving thousands of video views.

True View Advertisements

Do you have a budget to promote your videos? If so, you can create video ads for your YouTube channel through the Adwords for video program. These video advertisements are called TrueView ads and are played before a video on YouTube loads (those 15-30 second ads or the ones that allow you to select “skip” after 5 seconds).

You are only charged when someone views the required time for your TrueView ad and can target where you would like them to appear. This is a very effective way to bring awareness to your YouTube channel. Always try to make your first 5 seconds as effective as possible in order to entice viewers to finish watching the rest of the advertisement!


Forums are where discussions happen. Whenever there is a discussion happening that is relevant to your YouTube channel, you should try taking part. By providing quality answers and discussions, other members of the forum will be enticed to visit your channel.

In regards to letting others know about your videos, you never want to spam or post your YouTube links when irrelevant or unhelpful. Most forums allow you to create a custom signature. This is a great place to link to your channel. If allowed, you can even use the name of your channel as your username.

So there are some of the best and effective ways to promote youtube videos as per our research. Just follow them and you’ll surely get a good result.