Well, you have really come to the right place. The school, The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is based on 16 years of me personally selling on the Internet.. I started when the commercial Internet started around 1994 and have made a great living selling online. So, our curriculum and our courses are all based on real world techniques At our school, in as little as six months, online, fully online and with full access to our instructors and resources, you can get an entirely new career in Internet marketing.

We have three major courses that we take, and we welcome you to come over and download our catalogues, school catalogues which will outline our current courses However, I have to always tell you this, anything printed or downloadable is subject to change, because we update our classes weekly, sometimes even daily because of the rapid changes in the Internet So you can be sure, we are dedicated to this and are going to give you only the latest things that will make you valuable in the market place.

It is not only for a job, if you are looking for Internet marketing course, you may be just interested in working from your home. I don’t blame you. I have only worked in my home my whole career I have actually been in business 30 years working out of my home, 16 of those have been on the Internet and that has been, by far, the best because it gives you the most flexible schedule and your earnings potential is pretty much unlimited. If you are willing to keep making low cost websites that have high returns, the more of them you make, the more money you can make

So, check our website where you can also, besides our catalogue, get a career guide that tells you about the Internet lifestyle You probably are interested in that already since you are searching for Internet marketing courses. And you also will see some success stories of people that we have helped who are making full time livings on the Internet.