There are so many people searching for this query: “How to improve download spped?”. You will find many articles on different tech websites and forums on the same topic. Even I have written a post on this blog with title “Increase download speed in uTorrent”. I would love to mention one very important thing that we all should consider before using any of these tips and tricks. And that important thing is Your Connection Speed.

If your internet connection is slow, how can you expect your download speed to improve? It will be according to your broadband connection. You can make your IDM or Torrent client to make full utilization of your bandwidth, but what if the bandwidth is low? No method or trick can work if your connection is slow. Always consider few things while choosing an ISP:

1) Speed
2) Fair usage (Fair usage is the limit after which you will get a lower speed not the exact plan speed)
3) Price

Sometimes you exceed Fair Usage Limit, and your speed becomes slow. You keep on trying this and that technique but the reason behind your slow connection is the limit of the fair usage. So before applying any methods to improve Torrent Client or other Download software speed make sure you have got a good internet connection.