So you’ve heard people using video to generate massive targeted traffic that promote their products or affiliate products but I want you to stop thinking about the amount of massive traffic in really focus on the quality of the traffic.

Ok and what most people would miss out on the most is how to generate targeted traffic and optimize correctly so that the search engines know exactly how to rank you. You can either make 50 videos with keywords that are really getting a lot of traffic and do it on a sandy foundation or you can make one quality targeted video that has quality keywords that are actually getting traffic on a rocky foundation. So basically the concept short term verses long-term so if you want to learn how to set up your videos and such away that it’ll generate targeted traffic for you with YouTube videos.

You want to pay close attention finally a simple system that helps you generate targeted traffic there. You to be marking that doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy at all you’ll learn how to drive traffic to your products affiliate. Products and more starting today to what I want to do now is just to give you a quick video overview overall the 10 videos themselves so we got the :

  • Which I’m going to show you introduction up how it all works were kinda tools you’re gonna need so that you’re able to understand how to speed the whole process up video.
  • Will be on YouTube video settings before you go out and create a video you wanna make sure that your video is clear quality good video and good clear quality. Good video and good audio so we’ll talk about that in that specific video that way you’ll know exactly what to do before you create your video also in addition to that.
  • Which we’re gonna talk about keyword market research the one big mistake that a lot of people tend to make is they make the videos and they just upload them to YouTube then they wonder where in the world they’re gonna get traffic at that point in time. It’s too late because if you haven’t really fully optimized your video for that specific keyword phrase then your rankings are not going to be as great and keyword market research is gonna help you figure out whether that specific keyword is getting traffic or not or on the flip side.
  • Getting quality traffic that is actually converting the worst case scenario you can get a keyword that really isn’t getting traffic or maybe it is maybe is getting tons of traffic but that traffic is looking for free stuff they’re not really looking to ultimately fullfill their needs or fullfill a problem that they’re facing which is ultimately into converting to an action in converting to an actually possible buy. So once we found our keywords that you want to target we’re gonna take a step further and we’re going to focus on what we call LSI keywords. Basically it stands for latent semantic indexing and what that means is basically it’s a system that Google uses to look at your video look at the words that you use in that video a compared to the database to see whether or not your content really is about the content that you’re talking about because they have a huge database of key words: that they can figure out what keywords related to a key words: to basically I’m setting you up for success helping you create a video that is fully optimize that specific keyword that you wanna rank on because it’ll make the whole because it’ll make the whole process really really easy when you begin to market your video.
  • Were gonna talk about editing your file and uploading your video now when I say and it your file I mean really optimize your file on your computer and their specific things. I’m sure that you’ve never really seen before in this specific area of editing that file we’re going to optimize it for the keyword itself.
  • Were going to it the title description and tags according to the keywords that we have gathered
  • We’re going to transcribe the audio and by transcribing the idea that will help Google to think okay you’re actually using those keywords in your video so this video must be relevant to the keywords and therefore. I’m going to rank it higher. I’m gonna show you how to transcribe it added to the caption section in YouTube gonna talk about social signals which is essentially social back linking basically getting your video to a position. Where Google think okay it must be popular people were talking about it slowly but surely and it’s on a consistent basis.
  • We’ll talk about in the number ten will take social signals to the next step in in specifics for YouTube and we’ll talk about social YouTube likes and traffic so as you can see in the specific video it’s very hands-on to the point that you get to watch over my shoulder step-by-step click by click and learn.