I’ve been using Korra for a long time to just get really high targeted traffic to my websites. And I wanted to share with you guys today. How you can use Korra to get high targeted traffic to your website? So if you haven’t heard of Korra it is a it’s kind of like a user-generated content. Answering you know service where you can ask questions and other people around the web can. Answer your your question and people can upvote answers and you can put you know links in your answers. So it’s a really good source for Traffic so I’m going to show you today.

How you can use it to generate more traffic to your website, so the first thing that you have to do is sign up. That’s kind of obvious, but you also want to make sure that you that you fill out the profile really well people are gonna respond a lot better to. Your profile if it’s filled out if you have a you know avatar of a description all that kind of good stuff. So make sure that you get in there you put a really good picture of yourself. Add your credentials so people can trust you and know that you’re you know a real person and that your answers.

You know are legitimate. And you know make sure you put your social links in there, and all that kind of good stuff, so once you have created a profile now you can search for questions so if you are let’s say a web design company. You can search for questions like. Just go to Korra and search for a web design, and you’ll see a whole ton of questions about Web Design. You know so just go to each question. And if you know the answer simply give an answer if you don’t, you can even just look up the answer somewhere else and write it in your own words and give them a good piece of content and a good piece of value and after that you can add a link to you know a relevant page on your website and you will see that if you start answering a lot of questions. You will get some great traffic from Korra. It’s really highly targeted so the third thing is answer Questions. But I’m gonna start on the bottom here with good content. So you know make sure you’re not just writing one word or two words answers. And then putting your link in there. People don’t like that because you know they really want to know an in-depth answer so make sure that you’re giving good value and you.

Will see a lot in return as far as people coming to your website. And you know signing up for your service or buying your products so. Make sure that you just get in there like 30 minutes a day answer five to ten questions. And you know after a few weeks a few months you will start seeing a ton of traffic coming from Chora. I get probably about a million visitors to all my websites total from Chora. Just by answering questions for the last you know year or two so you can definitely get some good traffic from it. And I hope that you guys use it and can see the potential of it.