Why do people doubt the power of article marketing when every day we see evidence of it at work all around us? For instance there are web pages that receive millions of hits every single day and more often than not they will contain an article that has attracted great interest A guide to article marketing can help open your eyes to the amazing possibilities.

Why some people doubt the power of article marketing: What usually happens to those who doubt the power of article marketing is that they tend to dive into it head first, quickly starting to generate articles for their campaign and because this kind of marketing requires plenty of articles they will start generating tons of them. The only problem is that in their eagerness to churn out high volumes the quality of the articles will usually suffer. When they post these many articles in numerous article directories and fail to see the kind of response they are looking for they will quickly give up and dismiss article marketing as a viable and valuable tool for online marketing. Your articles must be high quality: This brings us to the first very important rule in our guide to article marketing.

And that is the quality of your articles must always be of the highest quality possible. There is really no room for compromise here and if you cannot develop quality articles then you can be sure that your article marketing will never work What are some of the things that can be done to ensure high quality? It will help a great deal if you focus on the most pressing problems facing your target audience. Always remember that when people come online they are not doing so to be advertised to. They are in fact looking for solutions to their problems.

It is therefore pretty obvious that they will head straight to the articles that solve their problems One little known source of quality articles is your business email. In the course of running your business you will have received queries and questions from your prospects. Chances are that you will have answered these queries in great detail. This is quality content lying unused in your email account ad sometimes you will find hundreds of emails like these sitting idle in somebody’s email account.

All you need to do is retrieve them one by one, write an appropriate introduction and conclusion, as well as edit it a little and you have very high quality content ready to make an impact in your article marketing. Once you have good quality articles the rest of your article marketing will be very easy. Choose article directories with a high Google Page Ranks (PR) so that the links that will point back to your site from those article directories will always have maximum impact. Yet another reason why so many article marketing campaigns crash and burn before they can even take off is because no keyword research is done before the articles are written or posted online Keyword phrases are critical in any online marketing venture

Do choose keywords that are not too competitive and the ones that will give you a chance to win traffic directly from search engines. This is the kind of guide to article marketing that should make a major difference in the results that you get.