Create a blissful relationship with your significant other I think every day is a love day and we can always show our appreciation to our love ones as often as we can. However, let’s take today’s international celebration of love by learning how to build healthy relationships. As you can see I got ready for this occasion. I will share 3 tips to help you rock when in a relationship! Whether you are with your soulmate or you want to manifest a healthy relationship, you want to stick around for this one. So are you ready?

Here are the three tips to help you to rock in relationships:

Tip #1

Don’t rely on your partner as the source of your happiness. Practicing Self compassion, it’s about learning how to deal with your sufferings and learn how to nourish your happiness. If you have old emotional wounds that you have been avoiding or not been paying attention. You need to take care of that of that first. Your partner is not your therapist.

I’m a huge fan of Thich Nhat Hanh a nobel prize recipient, and Zen master In his book “How To Love”, he teaches “When we feed, and support our own happiness, we are nourishing our ability to love” He also says “That’s why to love, means to learn the art of nourishing our happiness” Depending on someone else for your happiness is a false belief that will set you up for conflicts in your relationship. Also, it is important for both parties to bring happiness to each other.

How can you give happiness if you don’t know how to give happiness to yourself first?

Tip # 2

Learn how to love by getting rid of pride, and by willing to listen to each other’s suffering and joy. Poor self esteem and high self esteem can affect your listening skills. Equanimity is essential when talking to your partner. Also accepting your partner with his/her strengths and weakness shows unconditional love, genuine love without conditions.

If you can’t accept both, then this is a sign that both of you might not be ready to be in this relationship. If you accept your partner as a whole not just their best side, then learn to increase your patience for this person to transform and grow at his or her own pace.

Tip #3

Learn to have constructive conversations with your partner. I have created a conversational technique where couples can learn to communicate their needs.